Appraisal Services

SOLID provides the most critical attributes sought in appraisals: Accuracy, Timeliness, Reliability… Serving the needs of Lenders, SBA Lenders, and Non-Lenders.


Collateral Valuation

​SOLID provides the most critical attributes sought in appraisals: Accuracy, Timeliness, Reliability.

Accuracy: Decades at Work

Our team of professionals has been in the liquidation and appraisal business for more years than they would like to admit. Lenders require accurate valuations first and foremost, and SOLID draws on both appraisal expertise and liquidation experience to deliver the most accurate values.

Timeliness: Speed at Closing

We efficiently acquire the necessary asset attributes, complete our rigorous appraisal process, and deliver the completed appraisal report to our lender client. Lenders want to close, borrowers wants to close — so don’t get held up by the appraiser. Call SOLID!

Reliability: Values Tested by Liquidation

SOLID produces USPAP-compliant appraisals. The ultimate test of an appraisal is when a sale is imminent. With each value we assign, we do so with the expectation of seeing it put to the test. Through the years, we have consistently seen our appraisal values hold up at sale.



SOLID assists lenders who participate in the SBA lending programs such as the SBA 504 and SBA 7(a) programs by providing USPAP-compliant appraisals. Because of the smaller scale typically associated with SBA loans, SOLID delivers a specially-designed, highly-efficient, SOP 50 57 2-compliant appraisal product at a reasonable price.

All of SOLID’s appraisals are USPAP-compliant, accurate, reliable and completed on a timely basis. When it comes to appraisals involving SBA loans, however, SOLID places particular emphasis on efficiency and affordability. SOLID’s SBA appraisals are efficient with respect to encompassing just the right amount of scope and doing so in a very timely manner. Because budgets are tight in the SBA world, SOLID’s affordable pricing is perfect for SBA lenders and borrowers alike.



SOLID serves the appraisal needs of non lenders such as: accountants, attorneys, business owners, individuals, business brokers, financial advisors, and other professionals.

When are professional appraisals needed by non-lenders?

  • Business gifting (i.e. parent to child)
  • Donation of assets [See IRS Form 8283 Section B Part III]
  • Establishing the basis for the asking price for a business
  • Divorce
  • Execution of estate